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My 'Portrait Series' // Part 1

My personal project 'Portrait series'! 

Over the second half of my summer I wanted to do something different, and get my illustrating skills warmed up again for uni. I'm a sucker for watercolours and a good TV series, so I thought why not combine the two? I also really wanted to include hand-drawn type (which I love doing), in a form of a quote from the character, but i haven't gotten around to adding it yet, so that will come in part 2 in a different blog post! ...

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Typographic CHRISTMAS Countdown

A recap of my typographic countdown to Christmas 2015!

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to planning to do personal design projects in my spare time (when university work allows). Some how I always manage to keep putting them off (I am a master procrastinator at times). This Christmas I decided to set myself the task of trying to do a daily 'Typographic Christmas Countdown'. The basic idea was to ...

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Shooting on Film.

I've always really been into photography, but aside from Kodak disposable cameras I've never had any experience with shooting on film. I've always loved the quality photographers get in film photography, like the weird ways film reacts to light; theres just something timeless and special about them! Last summer my ...

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The Super-Blood Moon

On Monday (28.09.15), a rare (blood moon and a super moon! So a super-blood moon?) blood-red eclipse started at 1:10am (BST), which will be the last total lunar eclipse visible from the UK until 2019. The last time a blood moon coincided with a lunar eclipse was in 1982 and the event will not be repeated until 2033! Just before bed, around 1AM the eclipse started ...

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Instagram Doodles // September

Doodle round-up for september!

This month I decided to do something a bit different and give illustration another go (as I'm a little out of practice!!). I've started a little series, in which I want to combine illustration, typography and a few of my favourite TV characters. I've started the illustrations and now I just have to consider the type! ...

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