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Shooting on Film.

I've always really been into photography, but aside from Kodak disposable cameras I've never had any experience with shooting on film. I've always loved the quality photographers get in film photography, like the weird ways film reacts to light; theres just something timeless and special about them! 

Last summer my parents gave me their Nikon F300 to play around with. It had an old film still inside, so I decided to dander around my house trying to get a grip of the settings. It's slightly daunting realising you have a limited amount of exposures and no idea how they we'll turn out until you send them off to be processed and wait for them to come back! That's also the exciting part about it I guess, you never quite know how it's going to turn out.

My Nikon F-300 and prints!

My Nikon F-300 and prints!

Below are my first attempts at shooting film! There were a few that didn't come out very well, (I still need to get to grips with exposure in dark settings), but these are some of my favourites. They are unedited and straight off the camera; I love the colours and the grain from the older film!