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The Super-Blood Moon

On Monday (28.09.15), a rare (blood moon and a super moon! So a super-blood moon?) blood-red eclipse started at 1:10am (BST), which will be the last total lunar eclipse visible from the UK until 2019. The last time a blood moon coincided with a lunar eclipse was in 1982 and the event will not be repeated until 2033!

Just before bed, around 1AM the eclipse started and I decided to try and get a photo of the super bright, super-moon from my bedroom window. I used my Canon T49 Rebel, alongside my longest lens, (which is only  a 200mm) so the moon is a teeny tiny! Apart from that, the shots came out alright I think.

Before I went to sleep, I was reading about how during the final stages of the eclipse the moon was expected to turn blood red in colour. so I set my alarm for 3am and got a bit of sleep. 
When I my alarm went off it took me a minute or two to realise what the ringing was. When I finally got up, the moon was almost completely eclipsed, I grabbed my camera again and tried to get the shot. Unfortunately now the moon was behind a batch of trees so I had to manoeuvre my camera to try and see it. (Some my blurry attempts are below)

Try as I might I couldn't get a clean shot through the trees or get the moon in focus! Maybe I'll have better luck in 2033...

 It was still great to witness it with my own eyes anyway!