Freshest Post:


The origins of Jog.

Hello again! 

Welcome to my second ever written blog post, I hope I can keep thinking of interesting things to type (and hide the fact that my grasp of acceptable spelling and grammar is sub-power at times).

Anyway, as a good friend pointed out, it would probably be sensible to explain the whole Jog Blogs thing as my blog title. Many of you are problem thinking "why does the blog have 'jog' in the title, but has nothing in the slightest to do about jogging?"

Well in the internet universe, in the not so distant past, a little box asked me to create a username.  I thought it would be an ingenious idea to enter 'Jo G' (as that is a nickname/super short version of 'Jo Guthrie', my name..) but alas in the word of usernames they didn't care much for my petty spaces or caps. Thus 'jog' was born.

My instagram username is still to this day @Jog, it's a pretty cool username I guess although getting incorrectly tagged in jogging selfies is getting a little old...